Finding bikinis that fit anything other than the female body is extremely challenging. Therefore, we collaborated with Oskar Kierkegaard, who identifies as non-binary, and the crochet studio Haeklet, to create The non_bi_kini.  This bikini is designed to be "flexible" and suitable for non-binary individuals assigned male at birth. Oskar and Haeklet were actively involved in shaping the idea, name, and design of the non_bi_kini, ensuring complete alignment with their values and perspectives.

Please note that we do not claim to represent all non-binary individuals. This project aims to amplify one person's experience and hopes to inspire individuals and brands to recognize the need for inclusive bikinis for everyone.

Collab: new_habits__

Talent: Oskar Kierkegaard
Product Design: haeklet
Photo: Helene Sophie Højgaard

Music: demodaniel

Art Direction
Product Design